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4YE taught me to never give up on my dreams and listen to my heart


Juliana | 5th grade


My life is hard and 4YE taught me in order to have achieve goals you have to face struggle, thank you for the tips.


Saniyah B |  5th Grade


Thank you for telling me I can do anything, as long as I try hard and put my mind to it


Samaria |  5th Grade

Thank you 4YE for teaching us about borrowed time. And if we want to achieve our goals we have to start today.


Eleanna |  5th Grade


4YE inspired me to do my best and to always be a leader

Isiah | 8th grade      


“4YE reminded me as a adult that It’s never too late to dream and to always work toward that dream becoming a reality no matter how old I am.

Mr. Jackson | 11th Grade English teacher


“4YE reminded us all of how precious time is and showed me that my students want to leave a positive legacy behind”

Ms. Evelyn | 7th Grade History teacher

I am finishing my 19th year of teaching, What you are doing is beautiful, and I want the best for these children, I see the value.

Mrs. W | 5th Grade teacher

“I want the 4YE life, I want to teach people to have a successful life and not live how I am living “ 

Tasha | 7th Grade


“4YE has given me the chance to change and do better and become a better man and as young men we are all unique in a variety of ways”. 


Jamal | 11th grade


I am a senior 4YE gave me some things to think about after I graduate, I never had these thoughts before. I want a better life, 4YE taught me to dream big and plan bigger.


Sarah | 12th Grade



“We strongly want to help students be more intentional around achieving success and 4YE wakes our students up.”

Mr. Gordon School counselor

Mr. Gordon | School counselor

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