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Assessments seek to gain insight of students experiences from individual interviews, intense observation, focus groups, survey comments, conversations, written words of an account or description through assignments and testimonies.


I would just like to say to 4YE

Everyone needs to come to 4YE

This program has opened my eyes

I enjoy coming to 4YE

4YE gave me a better look at my future.

I really enjoyed the classes

I would love to come next year

Thank you to everyone at 4YE


100% of our 4YE scholars said

They enjoyed 4YE

4YE  was to short

4YE  helped me to make better decisions

4YE  help me to understand why I should do better in school

4YE  helped me to change my attitude

4YE  helped me to believe I can make a difference in my community

4YE  helped me to believe I can work harder in school this coming year

4YE  positioned me to feel better about myself

4YE  helped me to know what I must do to succeed this year

4YE  helped me know that I can be whatever I want to be

I look forward to attending 4YE next year


What information do you want to share with your friends?

How success works

Hidden secrets of history

Knowledge on getting money

Hard work pays off

History repeats itself


I would like to learn more about?

How to be a better man and better at success

How to keep moving forward no matter what

Life and how to win being a minority

The real world for a woman of color



4YE motivated me to…

Do better in school and to design a better life for myself

Have self confidence and realize I am royalty

Think in a different perspective

To change my study habits and be ready for school this coming year

To work harder, stay persistent and ignore the haters

To wake up early every morning and plan my day

To listen carefully when others are talking

To take good notes

To change my study habits

To take as many opportunities as I can


In 4YE I learned

To take risks and prosper in life

How to think in creative positive ways

Not to wait till the last minute to accomplish tasks

That it takes passion to accomplish most things

To hold my head high because I am unique

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to

What do you feel you need to do in order to be successful?

Work with more intention

Focus on using my family to motivate me

Plot, plan and dream


Study work harder


What stood out to you the most during the presentation?

You never know how close you are to a goal, never give up

Why quit on something that you created as a dream

Focus on your dreams, not problems

The tipping point

How to be a better student and person


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