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Lost Dreams

As a culture it seems we have forgotten how to dream. We don’t look past the tips of our noses. We can't see beyond our current situations. Our situations seem to be leveraged on becoming and remaining dependent on our providers. (Whoever they are.)

Something or someone throughout our lives has taught us that trials, tribulations, and negative situations deem us unworthy, mentally weak, and even ungrateful, that we are broken, unintelligent, cannot control the outcome of our own lives and that we should be fearful. The opposite is true.

I have learned that the first step to success is to THINK. We must think and reflect on our thoughts. The great Eric Thomas says, "We are either in a storm, on our way to a storm, or just leaving a storm." Either way a storm is coming, the question is: How do we prepare for it?

The late and great Jim Rohn said, "Life is not about the storm, life is about the set of your sail." My question for you is, during the storm, that is coming, how is your sail set?

In my life the set of my sail has been my ability to dream and dream big. To think about my dreams and desires and then to form mental pictures of them in my future. Even though my dreams didn’t seem attainable to anyone else and I had no clue as to how they would come about, I had faith, I knew what I desired. I went and test drove my desire and truly believed I could get what I wanted.

I've learned that the day we stop dreaming is the day we become stagnant and no longer have the ability to move forward in life. That is the day we stop living.

Our dreams and our thoughts control our current situations as well as our destiny. Success is not given, success is not earned, success is not taught, success is attracted.

Think of your thoughts as magnets and your desires as metal. Your thoughts (magnet) go into the universe looking for your desires (metal), positive or negative. Whatever you believe, whatever your philosophy is, whatever you concentrate on the most constitutes your thoughts and at the end of the day your achievements in life will be based on your thoughts positive or negative. Your thoughts will attract whatever you think about the most.

I encourage you all to think, think hard and develop a dream, develop lots of dreams, be like a child, be very curious, be excited about your dreams, trust your beliefs and have faith that your dreams will come true one day.

Remember when you wrote your Christmas list and you knew exactly what you wanted that Christmas? Be that kid again.

We are not the culture that cannot see past our noses, we are not the culture that looks at our situations and calls them reality, we are not dependent, we are not unworthy, we are not ungrateful, we are not broken, we are not mentally weak and we are not fearful.

We are the past, present and the future. We control our destiny. If we learn to listen to the whispers of the winds and become the heroes on our journeys in life, we can be all we were called to be.

What is your calling? Who are you meant to be? What should you become? Are you listening to the ancestors, do you hear the whispers of the wind, can you find your dreams and desires, will you answer the call?

As children we all knew, what and who we were to become, we knew what we are supposed to do in this life, it came naturally. But as the years passed something got in the way or someone told us that we could not be or do that thing we wanted.

Today that changes. Be who you desire to be, drive what you want to drive, live how you want to live, go on vacations where you want to go and understand that life does not happen to you, life happens for you. You are in control.

Destiny is in your hands. Find your desires and dreams. You deserve them.

Peace & Blessings,

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