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4YE is the guru of all guru’s, a master Yoda (Star Wars reference) if you would. 4YE is a conscious dreamer and does not allow your history to determine your destiny. 4YE is strong willed and resilient, giving up is not an option, your great grandchildren are depending on you. 4YE is goal oriented and futuristic and makes you reverse engineer your life by teaching you to use the tools to begin with the end in mind. 4YE also reminds you of your greatness by illuminating the greatness of those that came before you and how you have the same characteristics of those in history. The most important thing 4YE does is make you know who you are now and in the future. 4YE helps you to become that vision you have created for yourself, 4YE helps you to do the thing you are naturally amazing at and have the phenomenal things you want to have.

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An example of concern for 4YE is poverty and at risk education rates. One of our at-risk, low performing, high poverty sites, has around 800 students, 325 suspensions were given last year. While the school site has implemented proactive interventions to decrease the suspension rates, the rate of home suspensions is close to 1 per every 2 youth (50%).


The suspension rate at our site is higher than almost any other school in that District. The Sacramento neighborhood where the site is located continues to have a high rate of violent crime (based on Sacramento Police Department neighborhood statistics). While we will seek to recruit students who have already shown some signs of problem behaviors, we are also focusing on serving the non-engaged, and highly active youth.


Youth from dysfunctional and impoverished communities are in need of support and services. Our focus is to send a clear message of support for youth to stay in school, engage in pro-social behaviors, and to build a village that is safe and structured enough for youth to build leadership, resiliency, identity and empowerment attributes. 

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We walk with you and coach you through your ups, downs, trials and tribulations, hiccups, successes, losses and ultimately helps with the accomplishments of  academic and personal goals. We help you to transform your life by coaching you to intentionally design your own future. Designing your future is your “BluePrint” to the exact life you want to live. Your “BluePrint” comes with tools, strategies and skills that will allow your “BluePrint” to breathe and have a life of its own. Once you're in the 4YE family, we will help you to become the phenomenal human being that you always wanted to be.  

Our core values come from three areas that

we feel are vital to long term health and success.


These 3 core values lead to the creation of

4YE’s services

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Mental Health

Mental Health is designed to focus on emotional health and well being. This area deals with stress, anxiety, esteem and social incompetency. By providing the basic tools of social and emotional needs we can help to reduce the negative effects of stress and positive gains for intentional academic and personal performance. 

Mental Health Core Values

• Self-Awareness

• Empathy

• Self-Efficacy

21st century skills are designed to focus on innovation and learning for all scholars so that they may successfully participate in the global economy. The 21st century skills prepare youth for a increasingly complex life and career environments. 

21st Century core purpose 


   •     Critical thinkers & Problem solvers

   •     Prosocial Norms  & Collaboration 

   •     Resiliency 


Growth Mindset is designed to increase consciousness, assess skills and qualities, consider aims in life and to realize and maximize one’s full potential to help you to improve oneself confidence, lead a more fulfilling and higher quality life. 

Growth Mindset core  values

   •     Communication and Interpersonal Skills  

   •     Analytic and Critical Reflection 

   •     Positive Involvement in School and Community Affairs 





Pick 1 of your two options

4.5 months ( Half of a school year) @ 9 sessions

 9 months ( A full school year) @ 18 sessions

Choose from 8 different services

Bi-Weekly sessions (Twice a month)

From the months of October to May

Between the hours of 9am-2pm

During the days Monday-Thursday


Choose a service below that best fits your needs...


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Service headers - Chris RObinson - Copy
Service headers - Chris RObinson - Copy
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