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A creative brand development agency,

comprised of influential, forward-thinking, subject matter experts that embrace innovative business solutions.

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We assists influencers, brands & companies to tell their story, control their narrative and create social currency.


Our clients inspire, motivate, connect & spark dialogue in today’s culture.

Do you need help  building a  sustainable, creative & intentional cultural capital machine?  We got you!


Our in-house amplified cut and paste frameworks and infrastructures are ready for building.

If you're ready to go, we can deliver YOU our secret sauce today.

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Secret Sauce

Framework & Sustainability

  • Products 

  • Logistics

  • Operations​

  • Service Development

  • Organizational Development

  • Systems

  • Infrastructure

Branded Content

  • Content

  • Campaign

  • Media Strategy

  • Video / Audio production

  • Engineering

Event Activation

  • Custom Experiential Design

  • Event Strategy & Execution

  • Event Activation

TopFloorCreatives doing business as 4YourEpiphany Foundation Inc, company


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