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Me vs Self

ME: Good morning Self.

SELF: Good Morning Me, How are you?

ME: I'm okay. I'm hella stressed out.

SELF: Why are you so stressed out?

ME: Everything is hard for me right now. Looking for a job is hard, going to school is hard, my relationship is hard, being on this team is hard, my family, friends and ignorant drivers make things hard.

SELF: It sounds like you don't have any energy, focus or motivation. Things usually get harder toward the end. You must be very close to a break through. Understand that you are close.

ME: I don't like the fact that life is getting harder. It's hard for me to except the fact that I'm getting older and not younger. No one ever told me, showed me or gave me the rules to this game. I don't understand or like this struggle.

SELF: That's the beautiful thing about life. You learn as you go. You never know what's coming or when. You have to learn to except what life is throwing at you. If it is salt at this moment, know that one day life will throw sugar. Know that the salt of life is a necessity and learn to move in faith and believe that the sugar is coming. Faith and belief are the keys.

Sometimes you have to jump and learn how to fly on the way down. Don't lose your faith because you don't know what's happening. That's the time to hold onto every ounce of faith you’ve ever had and then believe so much that you can taste the sugar, then move so fast and far that you can smell the sugar, then move some more until you can feel the sugar even when you see, feel and smell salt. No matter what the circumstances are you must hold on to your why, your purpose and your desire.

ME: “Can I see the higher power working?, Can I see my blessing coming?, Does the work of the higher power have a due date?, Does the blessing I am looking for have a date of delivery?”

SELF: Sometimes you can see the higher power working and your blessing coming, when you see pieces of your dreams and desires lining up. No. the higher power does not have a due date and your date of delivery is when the higher power says so. OK. Do you understand that part?

ME: So, I know that my blessings will come even when I can't see them. Correct?

SELF: Yes, My belief and TESTimony is that blessings come when you have no idea what you’re going to do, when you have no clue where you are, and when you’re standing on your last ounce of faith. You’ll get a blessing that will refuel your spirit and drive so you can continue to achieve all that you have set out to accomplish. There is no testimony without a TEST.

The late and great Jim Rohn said, “Everyone in life receives the same wind of circumstance, trials and tribulations. Life isn’t about the wind of the storm, life is about the set of the sail.” And Eric Thomas says, “You’re either heading into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of a storm.” The salt storms of life (those negative parts of life) are a necessity for you to grow and move forward.

Life is a series of tests and storms and as you pass each test and exit the storm, you graduate to the next grade of life. Make sure you pass your tests, because if you do not, you will repeat them until you do. You must pass your tests in order to graduate into all your heart, mind and soul desires.

To receive the kinds blessings you desire you must always believe, you must always focus, and you must always have faith. Know that life will provide you a test. How are you setting your sail during this storm?

Well, it’s that time. Prepare for your test. Set your sail towards success. Embrace your fears, pain, lack of understanding and surround them with your faith, you will come out of this. I know you got this. Let’s do it.

ME: Okay, thank you Self. I needed that motivation.

4YourEpiphay 4Life…

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