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My Own Reflections

Once you become the greatest version of yourself, success will be yours for the taking.

You are the champion your family and the world needs for greatness to exist.

You must intentionally affirm to yourself, who you are! You should always tell your self, “I am royalty, I am a genius and I am worthy of love”. You should continually reaffirm to yourself, that you deserve the finer things in life. Always plant new seeds (positive thoughts) inside yourself to become the champion your family and the world needs.

What you think about and experience, grows! In my childhood, I grew up in consistent mental, emotional and physical violence and trauma. The academic environment and community I grew up in, was a daily reminder of the violence and trauma. I’ve had teachers tell me, I was special needs, that I belonged in special ed, and that I needed to be on meds. One teacher even said, that we were all crack babies and that we will never amount to anything good in life. Believe it or not, those were some of my childhood memories. When I look back, those are some of the things that I hear the loudest and see the clearest from my history. For the last 20+ years, I've been fighting those seeds.


Everyday is a new opportunity to become successful!

My mother used to tell me, “what you watch or listen to will attach it’s self to you.” She was referring to music, and she was right. But the reference is so much bigger. As humans we are constantly being programmed and learning through media and life. You should always know that regardless of what people tell you, no matter what you have seen, even though your family doesn't have enough, just because you feel like you’re the only one, and even if no one understands your vision, you are still in charge of your future.

No matter if you just woke up in the morning, if you’re taking care of you’re family, if you’re taking classes to advance or start your career or if you’re just trying to be a better person. Your current circumstance, your reflections and the history of your life does not determine your future. You determine your future and you are in charge. I encourage you to take your life back. It’s time to write your own narrative! It’s a must that you rewrite your own story. Stop telling yourself, you’ll never make it to success because no one understands the vision you have. Through out your day, no matter the time or place affirm your positivity. Write it down on a sticky note and remind your self constantly of who you are or who you are becoming.

What you think about will grow (we call those thoughts seeds). The things you are told or experience will become your truth if you believe it. Tell your self the narrative that says, “I am capable, I can, I will and I must become successful.” Tell yourself you will never give up or give in, tell yourself that you will accomplish the biggest and boldest dreams of your generation. Create the narrative. Only you can make or break your life. Your dream, your family and your community are all relying on you. Your dreams are not by accident. Don't get confused or shook up by what “they” say and think of you. Don't let “them” plant the seeds in your mind, heart and soul that says you can't make it to your dreams. You were given that dream and you are the only one with the power and character to make that dream a reality.

Take responsibility for your life and create your own truth. Be the phenomenal human being you’ve always known your self to be, even if “they” never told, showed or blew it your way.

Always create your own REFLECTIONS, because TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!

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